Assist-A-Grad Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

The Matt Garcia Foundation Scholarship  "Keep the Dream Alive"

 Sponsored eleven graduates of the Class of 2013

Fairfield - Suisun - Travis Community fully appreciates this generous support of our youth

College student Dwight Lundy speaks to kids in the Legacy after school program at Green Valley Middle School. Lundy volunteers with the Legacy program and helps students keep up with their academics and offers tutoring when necessary. 

Photo Credits: Brad Zweerink/Daily Republic

The Matt Garcia Foundation sponsors of the LEGACY Program. Featured here are 2 of our board members: Dwight Lundy(20) is our youngest board member Vince Guisande is also a board member


After-school program offers support to struggling youths

By Heather Ah San | Daily Republic | March 8, 2013


FAIRFIELD — Paula Vargas and Shawna Serpas know that middle school can be a tough time for many students. Vargas and Serpas see evidence of this every day as teachers at Green Valley Middle School.


Students from all walks of life are dealing with academic, social and familial pressures at this age, Vargas and Serpas said.


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The Matt Garcia Foundation would like to sincerely thank Valero for their continued support!


Valero has helped to build a recording studio in the PAL Matt Garcia Youth Center and to purchase 20 computers for the Matt Garcia Learning Center.

"Thank you Valero for all that you do to help our young people."